kako odstraniti reklame?
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Pet 26 Jul 2013 - 14:21

kako odstraniti reklame?

okay, this is pretty simple.
vse, kar morate storiti je to, da na svoj brskalnik (google chrome, firefox, safari...) naložite razširitev AdBlock in jo aktivirate. tako bodo izginile moteče reklame ne le na forumih, ampak tudi na vseh ostalih straneh.
za vprašanja smo vam na voljo tukaj.

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    all i want, like in the world, is to just keep talking to you. i wanna know how your day was; where you wanna eat; and i wanna argue with you; and i wanna hear all your theories — even the ones that are just completely, you know, wrong? and i know it’s not that simple. i just think — no i really believe that if you just, if you just be willing to continue having this conversation with me, then we can figure the rest out.
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Pet 26 Jul 2013 - 15:35


kako odstraniti reklame?

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